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Methadone Medication

Methadone Medication

Methadone, a medication used in medication assisted treatment (MAT), is used to treat heroin addiction. Methadone has been used to treat addiction to heroin and other narcotic pain medication for decades. Methadone is safe and effective when used as directed. It can help people recover from addiction and lead meaningful, active lives. To achieve the best results, patients must also be part of a comprehensive medication assisted treatment (MAT), which includes counseling and social support.

How does Methadone work?

Methadone alters how the nervous system and brain respond to pain. It decreases withdrawal pain and blocks the euphoric effects opiate drugs like heroin, codeine and morphine as well as semi-synthetic opioids such as oxycodone or hydrocodone.

Methadone comes in three forms: liquid, tablet, and wafer. Methadone should be taken one time per day. Methadone pain relief lasts approximately four to eight hour. SAMHSA’s tip 43: Medication-Assisted Therapy for Opioid Addiction (Opioid Treatment Programmes) – 2012 shows that methadone works in higher doses for heroin users, which helps them stay longer in treatment programs.

Methadone should be prescribed along with other drugs used in medication assisted treatment (MAT), and it must be part of a comprehensive plan that includes counseling as well as participation in social support programs.

What is the best way to get Methadone for a patient?

Methadone must be prescribed for opioid addiction to those who are taking it. The medication must be given by a doctor at a Methadone Center. After a period that has been established based upon progress and consistent, proven compliance with medication dosages, patients may be allowed access to methadone at home. Only an opioid program (OTP), certified SAMHSA can dispense methadone.

Methadone treatment can take anywhere from one to twelve months. The National Institute on Drug Abuse published Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment. A Research-Based Guide, 2012. It states that the minimum length of methadone therapy should be 12 months. Some patients may need treatment over a period of years. Methadone must be discontinued gradually, even if the patient is ready to quit. This decision should be monitored by a doctor.

Methadone Safety

Methadone is addictive and must be taken exactly as prescribed. This is especially important for patients who can use methadone at-home and don’t have to be under the supervision of an OTP. Methadone medication can only be prescribed to the patient and doses may need to be adjusted or readjusted. For safe use of Methadone medication, patients must share all information with their doctors.

Other medications can interact with methadone, causing heart conditions. Methadone’s active ingredients can still be found in the body even after it has worn off. Unintentional overdose may occur if you take more methadone.

Here are some tips to help you get the best results.

  • Never take more than prescribed and make sure you only take the prescribed amount. If you feel the methadone is not working, skip the dose or take an additional dose.
  • Methadone should not be taken with alcohol.
  • Methadone can make it dangerous to drive or operate machinery.
  • Call 911 to report excessive methadone use or suspected overdose.
  • Make sure your children are not accidentally using methadone.
  • Methadone should be kept at room temperature away from light.
  • Flush any excess methadone down the toilet.

Side Effects from Methadone

Side effects must be considered seriously as they could indicate an emergency. Methadone patients should discontinue taking the drug and immediately contact an emergency department if they experience any of these side effects.

  • You may experience difficulty breathing or shallow breath.
  • Feel lightheaded, faint, or nauseous
  • You might experience hives or a skin rash. There may also be swelling of your lips, tongue, and throat.
  • Feel chest pain
  • You can feel a fast, or pounding beat.
  • You may experience hallucinations, confusion, or other paranormal phenomena.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and Methadone

Methadone can be safely taken by women who are breastfeeding or pregnant. A woman who has suffered withdrawal from an addictive drug during pregnancy can experience a contraction of her uterus, which may lead to miscarriage and premature birth. Methadone is able to prevent withdrawal symptoms in pregnant women, helping them to manage their addiction and avoiding any health risks for baby and mother.

Although methadone maintenance therapy is safe for pregnant women, withdrawal may occur after delivery. The baby does not have to be addicted. Infant withdrawal typically begins within days of birth. However, it can take as long as two to four weeks.

Breastfeeding can be possible even for mothers taking methadone. Research has shown that breastfeeding has many benefits that outweigh the effects of methadone in breast milk. If a woman is considering quitting methadone treatment for breastfeeding reasons or concerns, she should consult her doctor.

Treatment Program for Medication Assisted with Treatment:

For adults suffering from addiction, a Methadone Clinic can be a great place to begin. Open ARMS provides medication-assisted treatment that can be used to treat opioid addiction. Open ARMMS’ Addictions Treatment Services are among the best in the business! Contact today to make an appointment for your initial visit!

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Edward Russell
Edward Russell
13:30 02 Oct 20
When i first came to this program I thought the standards were to strict, but I have learned that this program was... giving me tool',s that will aid me in becoming more proficient in my career. My counselor Esther and the staff has continued to invest in the lives of individuals that comes through this program. Sometimes their job seems thankless because addicts are often confused about being helped and being hindered. But I would like to say that I thank God for them, and I pray that they know that they more
Darcee Anthony
Darcee Anthony
14:56 01 Oct 18
I owe my life to this clinic and those who work there. They gave me boundaries when I needed them, and gave me... freedoms when that was what I needed to grow. The Women's Group that met weekly gave me a real sense of belonging as well as new friends. The Clinical Manager is the best Therapist I've ever worked with. The receptionist is kind and caring. The Nursing Staff all worked hard to help us in any way they could. I've been gone from Open Armms about three years now and I've remained sober (with a very small dose of Methadone to treat cancer and other medical conditions, taken daily). Living sober just keeps getting better and better every day. Although I have a very aggressive form of cancer, I've not had a need for more narcotics! Wish I was still there. They were my family!❤️read more
Indrid Cold
Indrid Cold
13:34 22 Feb 17
You should never judge a drug addict. Pray for them. Be there when they need you. Placing bad reviews and calling up... the place trying to get your loved one in trouble so they won't have anywhere else to go but the streets isn't the right way. I love my boyfriend very much and know he is suffering. Thank you Open Armms for not giving more
Robert Lawson
Robert Lawson
19:30 22 Aug 16
Great clinic. Great counsellors and nursing staff. I don't know what the hell the top comment from that lady Shannon is... ranting about it isn't their job to get anyone clean that responsibility falls on you and you alone. If he's saving pee that's his own dishonest behavior and well first thing you have to do to get clean is get honest (with yourself) so don't blame them they will always be there to assist when he is ready if he's ready. On the flip side if he's using it just to get well in the morning then it's working exactly the way he is looking for it to. None of this is my business of course but it's co dependent people like that who are extremely harmful to any addicts recovery (blame everyone but the person who did this to themselves).read more
Shannon Bellflower
Shannon Bellflower
01:09 17 Dec 15
This place is terrible. If you're genuinely looking to get sober and completely off drugs this is not the place for... you. My brother has a terrible addiction to pills. He's been going to this clinic for 5+ years and they have not made any effort to completely get him off of the methadone. I don't think any place designed to get you off of drugs should be allowed to give you methadone for longer than a year let alone 5. People in his groups told him that if he drinks red bull with the liquid methadone they give him it prolongs the effects and gives you more of a high from it. So guess what he's started drinking every day? The people at the methadone clinic are either to dumb to catch on or they know and they enable it. All this place is is a legal drug dealer. This place should be shut down! They don't help my brother at all. They legally provide him with drugs that, whether they want to acknowledge or not, he gets high with. They have no plan to get him off of the drugs, they would prefer to keep getting the money he gives them every day. They have no plans to help him become an actual functioning member of society like GOOD, REPUTABLE rehabs do, they want him to stay on the methadone. They can piss test him all they want. He pees clean a certain time of the month, saves that pee and uses that when they test him, and they still haven't caught on! Don't go here!read more
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